Meet Isha - New to the Safe House

Isha was born and brought up in a middle class family. Her father never treated her mother properly; she was never loved by him. Whatever her father earned, he spent it all on alcohol and gambling. He never spent any money for his children’s education. She was the only daughter in the house, with three older brothers. She went to school until seventh grade, but she could not continue her education because of sickness. She used to become unconscious in school during the class hour, happening many times so she could not go to school.

There was no peace and unity at home. There used to be quarrelling all the time. Her brothers got married but they did not have a good relationship with their parents. Isha was frustrated staying in the house, so she decided to go to the city to find a job. She started to work at a biscuit company in Pokhara. The work was hard and she was not paid well there, so she left that job and through a friend she found work in a restaurant as a waitress.

Through Facebook she fell in love with a guy who promised to meet and marry her. He was from a different city, but one day he came to meet her and they spent two nights together. He went back home assuring her that he would come back soon to marry her. Isha trusted him and gave her life to him but she did not know that guy was only flirting with her. His behavior toward her was completely changed after he went back. He did not receive her calls and he was not able to be contacted. Later she came to know he married some other girl. He was happy in his own world leaving Isha behind.

Isha went into a depression after this incident; for a few months she locked herself in her room and did not come out. She had been betrayed by someone whom she loved. Isha attempted suicide, but a friend helped her and saved her. After a few months she went back to work in that restaurant, but still she was full of pain and anger inside. She would be on Facebook all day and night and would play with many guys’ feelings. She was not serious with anyone but would pour out her anger of being betrayed in other people’s lives. She made herself available to many guys. Whoever wanted to meet her, Isha went with them. She used to be in chat all day and also in phone talk. But by doing that her life was not happy. She had no purpose of living.

For a few months it went like that. Isha was so frustrated of all those things, and she wanted to come out and live a new life somewhere far away. She did not want to go back home because the situation of her family was worse. Through a friend Isha came to hear about Safe Nepal. She told her to go there to learn skills and start her life in a new way. As soon as she heard about it she said she wanted to go. Isha has made many mistakes in life but now she wants to learn some skills and sustain her life. She does not want to look back to her old life but wants to give herself one more opportunity. She still has those pains in her heart but she wants to keep herself busy to overcome those memories. If she learns something then she will not have to depend on others. To those who have hurt her, Isha wants to show that she can live without them. These days she is learning tailoring and she is excited about it.

Pray for Isha as she begins her time at the safe house. God through His grace has chosen Isha and brought her here so that she can find new life and hope.

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