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I am Chaman and I am 29 years old. My mother died when I was small child and then my father married another lady. I was never loved by my parents so I was taken to my grandparents, and at the age of 13 they arranged my marriage. My husband was in the armed forces and terrorism was on high during that time; my husband was killed by terrorists. I was two months pregnant and had two children when he died. After a few months another man came into my life who said he wanted to marry me. I thought he wanted to help me, seeing me alone so I left my two children with their grandparents and married that man as I had a two-month-old baby in my womb. From a remote village we came to Kathmandu and I gave birth to a baby girl.

My husband had no work, and he started to show different behavior toward me – he forced me to work as a sex slave. He used to drink and trouble me. He often brought customers home to sleep with me. As my child grew older I started to work in a red light area of Kathmandu, selling my body every day because I had no other choice to earn money and look after my girl. When my girl was six years old, I gave birth to another girl. One day I went to my relative’s house with my younger girl, and I left the older one in the house with my husband. When I came back home, I heard my daughter was taken to the hospital. Later I found that my husband had raped my six-year-old little girl and her internal organs were broken and she had to have many stitches. She was admitted to the hospital. My husband was taken to prison for a long time.

After two years of struggle as a sex worker, I decided to leave that job and find some work to look after my children. One man came to me and said he will help me find good work in some other district. Trusting him along with my two daughters I followed him. He took me to the border side, and as I had the habit of drinking alcohol he bought me a drink. I drank it not knowing that he had mixed something in my drink and I was made unconscious. When I opened my eyes I was in a Mumbai, India, hospital; I had been unconscious for two days.

Both daughters and one woman were in front of me. I asked her, “Where am I and where is the man who was with me?” I was unconscious again after hearing her reply. She told me that man sold me for two lakh rupees (about $1860 USD) and I am in India and now she is my owner. I did not understand anything that she was saying.

She took me to her house and for three months I was asked to work in the house as a maid; after that she took me to a brothel. At first I did not agree to work – then they tortured me for thirteen days, taking me somewhere in a dark underground room. There were many girls like me, whose hands and feet were tied with chains and they were all being tortured. I did not understand what was going on there; later I came to know all girls were given third-degree torture and by doing that they were forcing those girls to agree on what work they wanted them to do. I felt like I was in a hell and now there is no way out for my life and I am finished.

After thirteen days of continuous torture they brought me back to the brothel and made me work again as a sex slave. Every day they used to give me a drink, mixing in some medicine that would numb my body for the whole day, so that I can sleep with more men. They took both my children away from me. My older daughter was kept in a school nearby the brothel. There I used to go and visit her sometimes. To make every mother free to work, every girl who had a child in the brothel were forced to put their children in that school. But my younger one was small, so the owner of my brothel said she will keep my child in her relative’s house where they can look after her and give her care. She took her away but I never saw where she took her.

For four years I lived in the brothel. Every day we used to get up at 3:00 in the morning; for two hours they would do all kinds of makeup and make us look pretty so that we can attract more guys to work all day. Men there were very cruel towards me; they did not leave me any single day. Whether I could do or not they forcefully made me sleep with them. I wanted to come back to Nepal but there was no chance to get out from that building because they had bouncers and many securities in different gates. That brothel was in a quite big place where thousands of ladies were working and for everyone the problem was same. No one could go out and live their life freely.

I came to know one Nepali guy who used to come there as my regular customer. Since I was also from Nepal he used to come more to my room. One day I shared with him my story and how I came there. I urged him to help me and take me out of that hell. Some Christian people also used to visit that brothel area; they asked me to pray if I want to leave that place. For two weeks, I prayed to God to open the way for me. I just asked God to help me. Then I approached that Nepali guy to help me. God answered my prayer and one day that guy said he will take me out to the market.

Even to take any girl outside the market they had to put some deposit money before they take her out. So that guy gave the owner forty-five thousand rupees and asked permission to take me out to the market for a few hours. When I was out I told him not to take me back to that brothel but to help me return to my place in Nepal. That guy was ready to help me. Though it was not easy to come out fleeing that way, fortunately we succeeded to escape out to the railway station. I covered my face with a blanket and that night I was able to run away from there. Since it was a big risk, I could not go to my daughters to take them. If I had gone to them, then it would never be possible for me to escape. I thought I will first escape and later I will bring out my daughters with the help of the police.

I came to Nepal and went to the police for help. I told all my stories. For the last seven months I have been running to different people for help, but there is no one who is ready to help me. Everyone says, “We will see what we can do,” but actually no one is taking any step forward. I know the place where my older daughter is staying; alone I cannot help her. If I do not go to bring her back, one day as she grows older they will make her work in the brothel. I also need to search for my younger daughter.

With the help of one sister I came to Safe Nepal (November 2016). After coming back to Nepal, I came to know that I have HIV in my blood. While I was in the brothel I had an abortion twice. By now my body has become weaker. I am using medicine too; I do not know how long I may live, but more than anything else I am worried for my two daughters. I never want to see my daughters in my place. I do not want them to face all that I have faced in life. I am praying to Jesus that he will help me find my girls and one day they will be with me. Thank you for bringing me to Safe Nepal. I will learn skills as long as I live here. I believe something better will take place in my life in the coming days. Please pray for my daughters and help me find them soon.


  • November 2016 Prayer Request: Pray for those two little daughters of Chaman; we need to bring them back from India. Let God help these girls to come to contact their mother soon.

  • December 2016: Chaman has left the safe house; pray for her safe return.

  • March 2017: After being at Safe Nepal one month, Chaman took Ruchira (another newcomer) and fled away at night. We found out later that she sold Ruchira to a man, as she was desperate for money to locate her daughters. The police found Chaman (and Ruchira) and also the one who purchased her. From then they were in prison since a case was filed against them. Pray for this case that is going on in court, where she is charged with kidnapping. Continue to pray that her daughters would be found safe.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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