How Can I Help?

What is needed for Nepal? First your prayers. There are some immediate challenges to the program. First, several of the girls have been at the home for some time, and it is time to transition them to providing for themselves. The culture is such that it is difficult for single women to make it without family or a husband to transact business and provide protection. Many of the girls have no relationship with their families so that also provides a challenge. The contact in Nepal is working on options and opportunities for some of the girls, but many of them face an uphill road.

Be praying for the US side of the organization that the administrative foundations being laid would be solid and that the donations to support the home and other operations would increase. Please pray for these things.

If you feel led, you can send funds. If you are interested in helping out with monthly or one-time donations it would be much appreciated. You can give via ACH withdrawal, paypal, or by credit card - and you can designate where you want your gift to be applied (the save house, childrens' homes, or where most needed).

The third way you can help is by participating in a trip to Nepal. As a team member you have the opportunity to show love to the girls who have not had much personal care provided to them in their life prior to coming to the home, as well as the opportunity to encourage the staff here.


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