Please, God, Use Me in a Big Way (January 2017 Trip)

I and a team of nine other people went to Nepal to set a foundation for Restoring Hope Nepal, gather interviews from some the rescued girls to raise awareness and support for the trafficking situation in Nepal. The trip didn’t exactly go that way. We didn’t get as much interview material as we were hoping for because we were having so much fun playing and spending time with the girls.

Going into the trip, I didn’t really know the testimonies of the girls so it was a whole new experience for me to hear the girls’ stories. The first thing that you realize is how friendly and loving they are. One thing you have to understand is that these girls have been through things you can’t even imagine. Some of these girls have been kidnapped or tricked into trafficking. Their families and loved ones reject them. They are seen and treated as lower than dogs in their culture. You can imagine then how hopeless and alone they must feel. Restoring Hope gives them a place where they are loved.

Seeing the girls really makes you realize how important this ministry is. Looking at the girls and knowing their past, you would think that they would be depressed and angry, but they are some of the most joyful, loving, forgiving people that I have ever seen. Their lives have been totally transformed. God took the most broken of lives and restored them to beautiful creations for His glory. That was one thing that was really impressed upon me. That no one is beyond His loving reach. He cares for the least of these. If there was anyone that you thought couldn’t be reached it would be those girls, but God had them in His hand always and turned their brokenness to something good.

While I was preparing to go on the mission trip, I asked God many times to use me to do something big, to “change the world”. He changed my plans and gave me a wake-up call on the last day that we were with the girls. On the last day, we went to visit the safe house and say good-bye. The lady that is in charge of the safe house told us that the team had given the girls a week that they would remember for the rest of their lives. I had wanted God to use me in a big way, but he used me to change some girls' lives just by playing games with them and loving on them instead of worrying about getting all the material and interviews that we needed.

This trip has been really eye-opening to the needs in Nepal and the amazing work that God is doing there.


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