Pray for Basanta

Basanta has finished her training period here, and she is ready to move out and work on her own. She wants to go back to her own village and start a small business there. Pray for wisdom as she is planning to get established on her own now. She has stayed at the safe house for three years, and she has learned skills to sustain her life. Pray that God would give her a place where she will prosper.

Basanta has been serving people through our beauty parlor for over two years (October 2015). Let God guide this sister.

Every month God is blessing our beauty parlor economically and socially; in all these areas God is using our girls mightily. We can have about 400 clients per month who receive service from us. Whenever Basanta gets the opportunity she prays for sick clients and their families.

Basanta went to visit her family and stayed there for a week (April 2016). We were encouraged to hear how people recognized the changes in her life and her behavior.


  • March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Basanta as she is preparing to leave the safe house and start her own small shop. Pray for wisdom and a good place that God may provide for her to work.

  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray that she will be able to see her grandson and that she can visit with her whole family as well.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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