Meet Ketak

Ketak is 24 years old and comes from one of the remote areas of Nepal where we had the epicenter of the biggest earthquake last year (April 2015). She has a large number of family members since her father had two wives and from them both they had fourteen children; Ketak is the middle one. Her parents are shepherds and she belongs to a poor family. While she was in grade 6 she met an accident when she was in the jungle to cut wood. In that accident, she was wounded in her head and broke her leg; after that, she was unable to work and could not continue her studies. Her days were passing with agony and stress.

After one-and-a-half years, she married a man. Later she found that man was not honest and his character was not good – he was using many other girls at the same time. She stayed with him for about one-and-a-half years. However, her in-laws were not good to her and she left that house.

After a few months, a boy came in her life; she trusted him and gave her life to him but later she found he was married. He did not accept her as a wife but just played with her body and feelings. By then she was pregnant but that man rejected her and she aborted her four-month pregnancy. She had no one to support her in her young age.

After that, she came to Kathmandu to find a job and here she started to work in a house. As a maidservant, she cooked food, washed clothes, and cleaned house. She was paid some money for the few first months, but later those people treated her as a slave and did not pay her any pie for her work. When she asked for money they asked her to leave the house. She was very frustrated with all these incidents happening in her life. When she had nowhere to go she found a church for her shelter and from there we found her and brought her to Safe Nepal (May 2016).

She said she wants to live life and learn something. However, she is all alone and has no one to help and keep her. She said, “If anyone will support me and guide me, I want to make my life good and do my studies and learn skills.” This girl is very innocent – that is the reason everyone uses her in every step of her life. We brought her here because God sees her innocence, and He wants to restore her life and we want to help her in every way that we can.


  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Ketak in her job as a tailor; please also be in prayer for her family and for her life.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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