Meet Daya

My name is Daya and I am 13 years old. I do not know anything about my parents; I was adopted by a neighbor aunty. She was married and had one daughter. She told me the name of my father and gave me the surname of my father, but when I asked about my father and family she never answered me anything. I do not know why she did that to me. She became my family and she put me in school. I was doing my studies and I was happy for that.

I never thought what I would have to face next in my young age, something unbelievable happened in my life – I was only ten years old. I was living in one of the remote districts in Nepal. My daily duty was to go to the jungle and bring some wood after school in the evening and also to work at the house. So as per my regular work I was going to collect some wood in the jungle area. Every day there were some friends who would go together for wood collection. But that day I had no friend with me; one of my neighbors said he would also go to bring wood so we went together. I was a little girl not knowing his intentions and also he was my neighbor who was married and had children, so I trusted him and went with him.

But he took advantage of me that day as there was no one in the jungle. He started to touch my body; I screamed and cried but there was no one to help me and at last he raped me. He threatened me, saying if I tell anyone about this incident then he will kill me. As a small child I was very frightened. He gave me pain and I was bleeding. I was senseless what to do and where to go. I wiped the blood with the clothes I was wearing and went home. I hid all my pain inside and did not share with anyone about this because he told me he would kill me if I did so. As time passed by I forgot about that incident and continued my studies. But from that day onward I never came near to that man and he could not take advantage of me anymore. I still remember his face and that pain. Every time I remember about it I become so angry, I can never forgive that man for doing me bad.

I did my studies up to grade 7 staying with my aunty. A few years later her husband died, and she had a hard time taking care of her daughter so she decided to go abroad to find a job. She brought me to Kathmandu and she put me with one family here; there were four of them and they had a small watch shop. This new family kept me there as a worker. I used to wash clothes, sweep the floor, and clean dishes. One day suddenly they accused me of stealing gold. I was innocent but they brought the police to the house and accused me of stealing. The police asked me all the details and I told him everything. Later they did not find me guilty of any accusations and those people took back their case on me. I had no place to go after that.

The police took me to one organization for my shelter, where I stayed for three months – nobody helped me to continue my studies. I have never found any love and care from anyone. I always feel like I am an ignored, an unwanted child of my parents, and I am of no importance. I have a great passion to complete my studies and after my school I want to learn skills to sustain my life. One of the members of Safe Nepal brought me here. She asked me if I want to continue my studies and I said yes to her and today I am here in Safe Nepal (November 2016). I hope this place will become a platform to change my life. I will be very grateful to you if you will help me to do my studies.


  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Daya’s studies and as she learns the tailoring trade.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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