Meet Madhur & Hasana

Madhur and her daughter, Hasana, have been at the safe house the last two years and now she wants to go back to her home (February 2017). Her mom was here last week and she was happy to visit her daughter. She was even happy to take her back home, and she said she will help Madhur to open a tailor shop. Madhur did her advanced tailor course while at Safe Nepal, and now she can run a small shop. We want to encourage her in this. She also took a one-year farming course, and she will help her parents in their farming back home.

Hasana is doing her studies in a very good boarding school here, but our concern now is whether she will get a good education as she goes with her mom. Madhur said she will help her find a good school, and we hope she will continue her education. We cannot separate mother and child so we have to send both of them since Hasana is now only six years old. Remember these two in your prayers that God would always help these two souls to live happily wherever they go.

Madhur is a single mother; her husband left her after making her pregnant. Since then, she stayed with her mom and dad. It is not an easy thing in Nepali culture to stay with your parents after marrying someone. That is the reason she wants to stand on her own feet with a small business, and for this Safe Nepal will invest some seed money to help her start a business.

Madhur' fear is gone and she is now living a fulfilled life. We know as she goes back with her daughter that it will be hard for her to take care of her child, playing the role of both father and mother. We pray God will always guide her, provide her protection, and take care of these two lives.


  • March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Madhur and Hasana, who are going back to their home the end of this month. Madhur wants to open a tailor shop back home. She needs some seed money to start her own business. Pray that she will be able to do things properly as she goes back with her daughter, who is 6 years old.

  • January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Madhur’s job as a tailor and for her daughter, Hasana.

  • April 2016 Prayer Request: Pray for Madhur; she is in OM learning farming for one year and she said she is very happy and enjoying the course, and she has a small piece of land where she has grown some vegetables.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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