Prayer Update | Going Out from the Safe House

Update from the Safe Nepal director:

We are sending three of our sisters back home as soon possible. Abhi, Sharan, and Basanta have finished their training period here, and they are ready to move out and work on their own. All three are looking for a good place to open a tailor shop and a beauty parlor. Basanta and Sharan want to go back to their own village and start their small business there. Abhi will be staying nearby, but she will have her own shop. All three need wisdom as they are planning to get established on their own now. They have stayed at the safe house for three years, and they have learned skills to sustain their lives. Pray for these ladies that God would give them each a place where they will prosper.


  • We need to fill out new admissions for all those who go to school. We now have six girls who go to school. Pray for all of them and their studies.

  • Pray for all the new girls who have arrived recently. Let them know inner healing.

  • We need a house mother who is mature and capable of taking care of these girls. It is very urgent now as new girls are coming in. Pray that God would provide the right person to handle these girls.

  • Thank you all for praying for the water needs. Now the problem has been solved with our new well.

  • Sharan is not well; she has a pain in her ankle. Pray for her soon recovery so that she can go back to her village to open a tailor shop.

  • Sanah is going to meet her family this week.

  • Continue to pray for Palash who cannot see with her one eye because of HIV. The doctor has lost hope for her treatment, but with God all things are possible. Let the miracle takes place in her life. Let His will be done in her life.

  • Pray for Girija, Sharan, Abhi, and Aanchal who have HIV. We want to see God’s healing in their lives. Pray for all of our girls who are suffering with this incurable disease. In God's powerful name let the disease named HIV be removed from their lives forever.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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