Meet Hansika - New to the Safe House

It is heartbreaking reading any of the stories of the women who come to the safe house; this young woman has been through so much it is hard to imagine how she can begin to trust people ever again. Please pray that as she joins the women at the safe house the continuation of her story is one of restoration and healing, not only for her body but in her spirit as well.

My name is Hansika and I am 27 years old. I got married when I was 14 years old, and at the age of 15 I gave birth to a son. I was too young to understand family life at that time. My husband was a drinker and troubled me every day. It was difficult for me to stay with him in that home so I took my son and went to stay with my mother. But my husband came and took my son with him. I had no education and no job. I heard if I come to Kathmandu I could get a job so I left home and came to Kathmandu to find a job. I worked in a restaurant for a few months, and I made friends with a dancer in a dance bar. We stayed together and she helped me find a job where I worked as a waitress for about one year. In that restaurant I came to know a lady who used to visit that restaurant often; she offered me a job in her house since she was staying alone. She asked me to do household work. I agreed and stayed with her for a few months.

One day I met a girl (P*) who stayed in the other flat of that same house where I was working. She said she will help me find a good job in India. I was very innocent and trusted her; I left that house and we both went to India. She brought me to Mumbai and put me in a dance bar. My job was to dance and please customers. I was earning good money, and life was going good there. This lady who brought me here used to keep all my money. She said she was putting the money in a bank account. I trusted her since I did not have my citizenship card and could not open my own bank account; I gave her all my money, thinking she is saving the money in her account. She gave me her ATM card too. Later I came to know there was no money in that account and the card was useless. About four years I worked in the dance bar. I was not involved in sexual activities there, though I used to drink and smoke and let people enjoy my dance. In that dance bar sex was our individual choice; dancer girls are not forced until they willingly wanted to go with the customers. I did not go with anyone. We had many girls there who were like me. We five Nepali girls took rented a flat together as we were working in that dance bar.

From time to time P* used to come to see me and take my money. One day I told her I wanted to go back home; I do not want to work in the bar anymore. She agreed and told me to work one more month in a new dance bar in another part of India; from there she will take me back to Nepal. I trusted her and was ready to work one more month in the new bar. I did not know where that new place was so she took me there.

We went by train and a car met us at the train station. I do not exactly remember the place and the house, but I know it was a big and tall house where we went up by lift. That day P* introduced me to a lady and a guy, and we all had dinner together. P* left that place, telling me she will be back after one month to take me along with her and we will go back to Nepal. That day the lady of the house asked me to do my makeup well and took my picture. They fed me bread and milk, then we went down on the lift. I thought they were taking me to the dance bar where I will have to start my new job, but I was brought to a different place where there were many ladies. They were doing their makeup and dressing themselves up.

Later I came to know that was a brothel and all those girls were sold by agents (like P*) to the landlord lady. I was shocked to see all that and I refused to work there. There were big bouncers and big bodyguards on each level. They asked me to go with the customers; I was not agreeable to do so – for two days they continuously beat me and tortured me. I thought now my life is finished. No one will come there to save me and this place is the end of my life. My friend P* who brought me there and promised to come back to take me after one month, it was all lies – rather she sold me there in the brothel and left me to die in that hell. Even today when I remember her face, I feel so angry. She took advantage of my innocence.

There I had a painful life for months. They used to give me drugs day and night, and after taking drugs I did what they asked me to do. Every day I used to sleep with at least seven guys. There was no choice for me. If I said no they would beat me, so I did everything because I was frightened to be tortured again. Because of the drugs I do not remember how long I was there, but one day I decided to run away from that place. There were four guards in that building and one evening I asked for their help and made them drink and slept with them. I urged them to let me go and they agreed to help me. I had some money with me so I ran away from there and took a train to go to another place. Since it was a new place, I did not know where to go but I rushed to catch the train. I thought I was succeeding to run from that place but from their CTVT camera they caught me running away.

Their gangs were following me, which I did not know. When I got down from the train I saw a few guys were after me. It was night time, and I tried to ask for help and ran away from those gangs. But at midnight there was no one to help me. They started to cut my hands, legs, and all over my body with a sharp knife. I was unconscious – they thought they had killed me and threw me away in the railway track.

The next day the police found my half-dead body and took me to the hospital. After five days I came to consciousness. I had pain over all my body, and I could not walk for a few months. They had cut all the sensitive parts of my body. I could not move my shoulders, and my back was in dead pain. For three months I was under treatment in that hospital. All the treatment was free because I had no relatives and no money to pay. After three months I started to walk slowly, and the doctor who was treating me helped me. I told him my story how I was sold to the brothel and how I had fled away and how the gangs of that brothel caught me and tried to killed me.

He told me, “God saved you and gave you a new life. It was miracle how you are alive, but if those gangs find you they will try to kill you, so you better go back to your place as soon as possible.” He helped me with some money, and I left the hospital covering my face all the way to the train station. That day I came back to Nepal. I was not in full consciousness till I was in Nepal. My mind was full of fear and I could not sleep at nights.

When I came to the Nepal border I asked help from the police and told all my stories; one lady officer helped to send me to an NGO. There I did my treatment because my shoulder was still not moving well, and for a few months they did my treatment and put steel in my shoulder. Then they asked me to leave because that place was for temporary shelter only, but I had no place to go. I do not know where my husband and son are. I did not have any family member whom I could go to and share my stories because I knew no one would accept me after all this.

I wanted to learn tailor skills but the place where I was staying was only providing me shelter and food. I heard about Safe Nepal and decided to come here and learn some skills to start my life in a new way. I cannot carry heavy loads and my body is still not fully healed, but what I can do I want to try that. I want to work hard and learn tailoring so that in the future I can do something on my own and I do not have to beg money from anyone.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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