Meet Aanchal - New to the Safe House

Aanchal is 32 years old, and her younger daughter is 7 years old. They are from Far East Nepal and arrived at the safe house a few days ago. Aanchal has been working as sex worker for the last ten years. Illiteracy and poverty led her into this work. A few years back a man married her and from him Aanchal gave birth to two daughters, but later he left her and married another lady. She does not know where he is now. He completely forgot her with these two kids. She had no place to go and she started to work like before to keep herself and her child alive. Doing this sex business she could not earn sufficient money to take care of her kids or educate them; the situation of these three was getting worse each day. They did not even get to eat proper food.

Seeing this bad situation, one of her neighbors took the older daughter and gave it to someone to adopt her, but the little one was very young and she stayed with Aanchal. Because of this sex work she has HIV now. She got this disease after her husband left her, so her kids do not have this disease. She was in need and we brought her here to Safe Nepal. This little child also needs good food, shelter, and education. Both of them need a family. More than anything else they need new hope and life. As they stay with us here they will not have to be in any need anymore. We are trying to teach her skills, and we will send her daughter to school soon. Continue to pray for them. Aanchal cannot hear with her one ear; pray that the Lord would heal her from all her diseases.

April 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Aanchal who has HIV. We want to see God’s healing in their lives. Pray for this one who is suffering with this incurable disease. In God's powerful name let the disease named HIV be removed from her life forever.


  • We need to do new admission for all those who go to school. We have now six girls who go to school. Pray for all of them and their studies.

  • Pray for all the new girls who have arrived recently. Let them know inner healing.

  • We need one house mother who is mature and capable of taking care of these girls. It is very urgent now as new girls are coming in. Pray that God would provide a right person to handle these girls.

  • Thank you all for praying for the water needs. Now the problem has solved with our new water well.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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