An Update on Ruchira

Ruchira was rescued by one of our NGO partners and brought to the safe house November 2016. She was mentally not so well and after being at Safe Nepal one month, someone took her and fled away at night. We found out later that she was sold to another man by the lady who took her away from the safe house. For three months we did not find her anywhere, but we complained to the police and found the one who sold her and also the one who purchased her. From then they were in prison since a case was filed against them.

After three months, we were able to find Ruchira in the red light area again (March 2017). We brought her to the safe house and presented her to the court, since she was the only strong witness of that trafficking incident. The judge has not made any final decision yet, but we are asking God to judge fairly for this girl. Her mental situation is not good, and she cannot remember anything properly. But God is healing her and she is starting to learn many things already. She makes bracelets in her free time and she likes to dance and sing. By now she makes good prayers, and she believes He will heal her illness. For God nothing is impossible; if He can bring the dead to life, He can make Ruchira normal and He will grant her wisdom and knowledge. Pray for her life and her case that is going on in court which has caused the safe house to face some issues. But we are not afraid of anything because God's Word says, “If God is with us who can be against us.” Our faith in Him has made us bold to stand in court and face this new challenge; it is not easy though.

You can read the beginning of Ruchira's story here.


  • November 2016: Ruchira seems to have some psychological issues; pray for her thoughts and behavior to be right and normal as she stays with the other girls in the house.

  • December 2016: Ruchira has left the safe house; pray for her safe return.

  • March 2017: Ruchira has been found and returned to the safe house. Another newcomer took her and sold her back into trafficking. Pray for her healing and her case that is going on in court, where she is a witness against her kidnapper.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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