Meet Ruchira

My name is Ruchira and I am 16 years old. I was born in a poor family. I have two siblings along with my dad and mom. I met an accident when I was a small child. Because of that accident I cannot see properly with my left eye and also I had stitches in my head. From that time people say my mental situation is not very well. Maybe because of that reason I was never loved by my parents. I could not go to school, and I started to spend my days in the street.

I met this guy who said he will help me find a job in someone’s house, so trusting him I came with him to the city at the age of 14. Later he used me physically and kept me with him for a few weeks. I used to take smacks and drugs. I also started to use those stuff because of anger and frustration. Later he left me to the street again. Then I became friends to many guys in street and my life was ruined. I sold my body to earn money because I had no place to escape. Whatever I earned I spent that money to buy smacks and drugs. I do not remember anything that I did after taking drugs. Some guys would take me and sleep with me without giving me any pie. This way I spent many days in the streets; we had a big group of people like me who were into addiction.

After a few months I went back home to meet my family, but my mom was very angry with me and she did not keep me in the house. That made me more upset and I returned back to the same place to ruin my life again. One day as our gang was taking drugs, some policemen came and we were all arrested. They sent me to a rehabilitation center and there I stayed for one year. It was very hard for me to stay there. Every day they use to torture me. I was made naked and they beat me up with stinging nettle. They used to kick me hard if I asked for smokes. Maybe that’s how they treat everyone who comes there with the bad habit of addiction. Those years were the hardest years of my life. I felt like why did I not die in my mother’s womb. There was no one to love me. I never found love in this life, and I am just a useless person living in this earth. I hate my life.

After I came out from the rehab center I knew that I had no one to go to, so again I came back to the same place to sell my body. A few months I worked like that. Some people paid me 500 rupees and some paid nothing. I want to do my studies, but I am now grown up and I cannot go to school. I am illiterate; I do not know what do I do in my life. Thank you for bringing me in this family. I will try to learn good things here. Now I do not want to take any smacks and drugs. Rather I have a desire to rescue my friends from this addiction. I know now that was not helpful for my life and I suffered so much because of that. I know my family does not care for me, but one day I want to go back to them, changing my life and being a better person. I want to return to them; I hope they will accept me that time.


  • November 2016: Ruchira seems to have some psychological issues; pray for her thoughts and behavior to be right and normal as she stays with the other girls in the house.

  • December 2016: Ruchira has left the safe house; pray for her safe return.

  • March 2017: Ruchira has been found and returned to the safe house. Another newcomer took her and sold her back into trafficking. Pray for her healing and her case that is going on in court, where she is a witness against her kidnapper.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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