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Update from the Safe Nepal director:

We thank all our prayer partners for your support and love. God is good and faithful. We are very glad to welcome Pastor Wes and his guests in our family. We have been praying a long time for their travel, and finally they were here safely (March 2017). We are always moved by the love you have shown for this family. We call you our extended family in God and though we stay afar we are always together through one spirit. We had a wonderful five days with our guests. Our girls have found a new dad and mom; thank you for accepting them as daughters. We had a great time together every day. Every time our family from the US comes to visit us, it adds more happiness in our lives. We had an awesome dinner together. And the girls really appreciate all of your love and care. They have said a big thank you to all for this great treat and for making them feel special.

Last month, we added two more staff members to the safe project. We have a sister, Deepa, who wanted to volunteer as a house mother. She is 25 years old and has come back from college. She is now staying with the girls in the house. The other one, Nandu, is a parlor trainer. She is a very good person with a good heart, and she had a burden to serve these girls. Right now she is not being able to give her full time because of her family. She has a 5-year-old daughter that she has to take care of her as well. She is working part-time in the beauty parlor and she is doing well. In the future, she wants to be fully involved in this ministry and is praying about that.


  • Pray for Madhur and Hasana, who are going back to their home the end of this month. Madhur wants to open a tailor shop back home. She needs some seed money to start her own business. Pray that she will be able to do things properly as she goes back with her daughter, who is 6 years old.

  • Hasana is sick with tonsil and gland problems. Pray for her health.

  • Pray for those girls who have graduated and gone back to their homes. Let them live a life that pleases God and they will not have to go back to the same place where they have come from. Some of them are searching for a place to open a small tailor or beauty parlor business to sustain their life. Pray that they will find the proper place to work.

  • Pray for Sharan, Abhi and Basanta as they are preparing to leave the safe house and start their own small shops. Pray for wisdom and a good place that God may provide for them to work.

  • Pray for Ranjana and Sanah as they are going to appear for their board exams, and also for Palash, Girija, and Hasana for their school results, which are going to be out soon.

  • Sister Amala is now getting better and she has sent thanks to everyone who prayed for her ear surgery.

  • We are having a water crisis at the safe house, so we will be digging a new well this week. Pray too that this time we may find sufficient water.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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