Prayer Update | Safe House Graduation

Update from the Safe Nepal director:

We are very grateful for our girls who graduated on 6th of February 2017. Eight of our girls received a certificate for completion of their parlor and tailor training. We have been looking forward to this moment with great anticipation! After three years, these girls are ready to start a new life, back in society. We had a small graduation ceremony and invited their families to be part of the occasion.

The parents who came seemed to be very happy to see the change in their daughters. They shared their joy with us and appreciated how the program has taken care of their daughters for this long. Three women (Nisha, Tara, and Koseli*) went home with their parents. Our ultimate goal is to reintegrate these girls with their families, if their home circumstance allows, and this group is the first who have been able to do this. We are thankful that these families came to take their daughters back with them. Their parents committed to us that they will take care of their daughters and will support them in their new trades.

Two girls will be starting businesses back in their home towns, with help from the program to launch their businesses. We are happy that they feel confident to start something on their own. We remember their first days at the safe home, while they were hopeless, frustrated, and weak inside. Now they are ready to fly.

As Nisha was receiving her certificate she shared with us about her plan ahead. She said as she goes back she will look for a small place to run a parlor, and she wants to find those girls who are living as she did in the past and send them to the safe house so that they will also get the opportunity to change their lives. Her mom was with her in this ceremony and she was very happy to see her changed life and her confidence. We wish Nisha all the best for her future.

Tara said she will find a place to run a tailor business, and she also requested us to invest some money to help her start that work. Her mother was there at the ceremony and she was very happy to see her daughter's joy and confidence. She said she will help Tara in every way she can in her new life. This is what we wanted to hear from the families. This was the reason we invited their family members to this ceremony. We wanted to help them understand their daughter's new lives and to support their daughters in their dream and desires.

Koseli's dad seems to be happy as he took his daughter back home. He said he will protect her and guide her. Before, these girls were ignored by their parents because they could not see any good in them. Now their view has changed: They know their daughters are not worthless, but are valuable, and they can do many things if they have the opportunity and encouragement. We wanted to help the families realize their role in these girls’ lives, which is incredibly important to their future.


  • Pray for those three girls who have gone back to their homes. Things are not easy at first for them.

  • Nisha’s dad is an alcoholic, and she has requested that we pray for her dad, that he will be able to love his family.

  • Pray that Koseli's dad will be a good father to his daughter.

  • Pray for girls still at the safe home who are currently attending school. They will have exams soon, and some have struggles with English and math.

  • Pray for our tailor shop and beauty parlor, and for the girls who are working in it. They need wisdom to handle it properly. Also pray for those who come to take service there.

  • The safe home needs more prayer, as we will bring more new girls to the house.

*Names changed for the safety of the women.

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