$10 a Week Saves Lives

The situation in Nepal is becoming critical: the lockdown has been extended, and people are experiencing starvation and crisis health needs, in addition to the COVID-19 difficulties. Thank you for helping the ladies who have graduated and started their own businesses; many more people in Nepal live far below the standards that the women at the safe house have been able to achieve.

Mana (66 years old) makes about 25 cents a day to support herself and her children, swinging a 10 lb. sledge hammer to break large rocks into gravel. Many Nepalese people live on just a dollar or two a day, and the present restrictions have placed a huge burden upon an already strained society.

People are starting to go hungry, especially those who usually work for daily wages: rock quarry workers like Mana, rickshaw drivers, and subsistence farmers in remote villages. Relief organizations in Nepal are now appealing for help from around the world.

We are working in partnership with one of these groups to raise the funds to support many, many families in need. They are packaging and distributing life-saving supplies: a bag of rice (20 kg), 5 kg lentils, one packet of salt, 2L cooking oil, and two bottles of hand-washing soap.

This will cost about $30 per family and will provide much-needed staples for up to 3 weeks – that’s just $10 a week to keep people from starvation.

In the first phase of this relief effort, the goal is to provide help to 2000 families in each of the seven provinces in Nepal. About $35,000 has been raised locally, a little over half of what is needed to care for the poorest families in a single province. Restoring Hope Nepal would like to join this effort in raising funds to help the province of Bagmati, home to our dear sisters Dhanya and Sharan.

Let us do what God enables us to do. – Surendra, Safe House Director

Your gift today will bring life-saving provisions to the most desperate people in Bagmati Province. Would you please prayerfully consider being a helping hand to these families?

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