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Nisha's Testimony

Nisha is a real motivation for us and many other girls who think they cannot restart in life again. She left her school three years ago because she was with the wrong friends; she was into smoking and addiction. It happened because she did not get attention or care from her family. She thought her life was spoiled and no more worth living. She went to prison for stealing tobacco, and her family totally wanted to throw her away because she was a useless girl in that family. When we met her she was rude and a stone heart girl, totally into addiction, fearless and wild.


God changed her life, her mind and her soul. This same girl who wanted to give up on her life has now found new hope to live a better life. Moreover, after a three year gap she decided to go back to school. It is not as easy it sounds to continue studies after a long gap and after going through so many circumstances, but we are glad she has taken this step and with prayer, she is firm, stable, and working hard in this new mission. This week (July 2016) we went to collect the results for her first term exam. What a blessing to see that Nisha scored second position in her class. We need to pray more for her to be a living example to many through her life and study. We are blessed.

We heartily want to congratulate Nisha for successfully completing her school (May 2016). She is a blessing to us from God. She has learned many things, which she wants to share with the other sisters in the house. She needs proper guidance and prayers to meet her vision; continue to pray for her.


Every month God is blessing our beauty parlor economically and socially – in all these areas God is using our girls mightily. This month (September 2015) we had almost around 400 clients who received service from us. Nisha has really worked hard to serve people through the parlor and whenever she gets the opportunity she prays for sick clients and their families.



INTERVIEWER: How did you get to Safe Nepal?

Does she have to share her past or just how she got to Safe Nepal?

INTERVIEWER: Just how she got there. We don’t need the whole past, just directly what happened that made her come to Safe Nepal.

NISHA: After my big father, the brother of my dad, when he died, we were staying at __ and I came to stay with my big mom. At that time, somehow I got into drug addiction and smoking. I became too worse looking at my life, and my dad, mom, everybody in my family became very frustrated and they wanted to get rid of me. I started to feel I needed to get away from my family because of my behavior. My family asked me stay with my big mom, and I started to stay with her. Through my big mom, I came to hear about Safe Nepal, which is an organization where I can go and find new hope and where I can start my life again. From her, I came to know more about this mission.

It has been two years since I came to Safe Nepal. I was taught that I shouldn’t be doing bad work. God loves me and there was a plan for my life. There was a chance for my life to be a new life. I also came to know that all these things – smoking, drinking, enjoying the world – I came to realize all these things are useless. Whatever kind of life I was living before coming to Safe Nepal was useless and meaningless.

INTERVIEWER: What will you do after?

NISHA: At safe house, I am learning to run a beauty parlor.

She has finished her training and in the coming month she will graduate. She is the first one in her group who is going back to start her own business.

NISHA: I realized that I didn’t have to be dependent on my dad and mom for my future. I know I can maintain on my own. To sustain my life, I have learned beauty parlor business with Safe Nepal after two years, and now I have decided to go back to my hometown and start a small business so I can earn money from there to sustain my new life and also to be an example to those who once thought I was useless and I could do nothing.


March 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for those girls who have graduated and gone back to their homes. Let them live a life that pleases God and they will not have to go back to the same place where they have come from. Some of them are searching for a place to open a small tailor or beauty parlor business to sustain their life. Pray that they will find the proper place to work.

January 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for Nisha as she opens her own beauty parlor. Please also be in prayer for her family members and her future. Pray for her dad so that his life will be changed and he will be able to love his family.

Nisha has gone back to her home. Things are not easy at first, but let’s ask God to protect her to overcome all temptations.

October 2016 Prayer Request: Nisha has requested prayer for her dad; he is an alcoholic - he drinks and hits her mom every day. Let God use Nisha to bless her family to bring peace and love to her family.

August 2016 Prayer Request: Nisha has one brother and for the last week he has not been home. He left home fighting with his family; he is only 14 years old and he does not seem to be on the right track. Please pray for that boy to come back safely.

July 2016 Prayer Request: Nisha has requested prayer for her family.

May 2016 Prayer Request: Next month, Nisha will be sitting for her first terminal exam; pray for her.

April 2016 Prayer Request: Pray for Nisha, who is in school with two more months to go.


October 2015 Prayer Request: Pray that God will help her to flee away from temptations.

September 2015 Prayer Request: Nisha is going to visit her family this month for a few days. It’s been more than six months she has seen them.


Names have been changed to protect identities