Land Purchase Finalized

Just one month after filing paperwork, the land purchase has been finalized! The property has been put into a trust with the government as the best model of stewardship, should religious persecution continue to increase. At this time even despite anti-evangelism laws, a nominal freedom of religion still exists. So long as Nepal honors the autonomy of churches and other non-Hindu entities, this trust will serve as a protection against government seizure. An additional layer of protection is that the ministry is registered as a "social services" organization, serving a vital need that all levels of official bureaus recognize: the eradication of human trafficking and sex work.

Over the past three-plus years, Surendra has been diligent in assessing the requirements of the safe house to locate the most suitable site. This property is smaller than other properties he has considered, but it is almost completely flat (a rarity in Nepal). It is in a newly developing community, which means there is easy access from the road, with electricity and water already in place. The site is on a hill, so there is a nice view and good drainage. It is open, with room for two multi-story buildings, parking, and a vegetable garden. Most importantly, it has easy access to good schools, a hospital, a produce market and grocery store, and just 5 km from a majority of the safe house's volunteer taskforce.

Next steps include building a retaining wall at the back of the property and installing a concrete wall around the entire perimeter.