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Amala's Testimony

Amala waited for four years and finally God has answered her prayer (July 2017) – she has now gone back to her family. This was a miracle that happened in her life. She has the same mother who promised not to accept her as her daughter anymore. Amala was abused by her own father for many years, and when she shared this with her mom she was not helpful, rather she slapped her and did not trust her. She could not stay in that house and left her family; she ran away. One of her uncle met her and helped her to come to the safe home. When she came here, she was full of disappointment and bitterness in her heart about her mom and dad. She could not forgive them for a long time.


She learned to forgive those who hurt her. God has given her a forgiving heart and she has now completely accepted her family. Her dad is not having a good relationship with her mom and he left home for some other woman. She decided to go home and care her mom in this hard situation. We went to her home and met her mom; she was sorry for her behavior toward her daughter. Both of her sisters are also excited to welcome her home. Her family situation is not good right now. Her mom does labor work to earn money, and two of her sisters are doing their studies. Her mom has hope that Amala will open a parlor business and help her family.


God has restored her family after four years and we are thankful to God for this blessing. This was our goal to see the women restored back to their families. She needs God’s guidance to show God’s love.


Amala had a very successful ear drum surgery (February 2017) and now she is getting better. She has less listening capacity in both ears. The doctor said she cannot have surgery on both ears at the same time; only one ear can have surgery for now and if needed another ear can be done after six months. However her hearing has now increased. She was on bed rest while the wound was still fresh. She was in hospital for two weeks, and now she has come back to the safe house. Thank you, everyone, for your prayer support.

Satan has been trying to pull down Amala’s family since she was admitted to the hospital. She got a call from her uncle that her dad attempted suicide and was in ICU. From the last many years, her dad and mom have not been in good relationship. Recently they had a quarrel regarding Amala while she was in hospital; the issue was about giving her citizenship card. Amala had been requesting a long time about her ID card, without which she is unable to start any business on her own and she couldn’t get any certificate from the government level. Her dad was always against her having the ID card. Her mom was in favor of her having it but because of her dad, her parents had a fight and he beat up her mom. Then she left him and went to stay at her relative’s house. As a result her dad took poison and was admitted to the hospital.

Amala has completed three years staying at the safe house and by now she has learned beauty parlor skills and is running a beauty parlor. She has a strong desire to start a new beauty parlor by herself but she needs her citizenship card. Pray for her dad and also for her mom to understand her and support her in this situation.

We want to see her successful. She has faced many problems in her past and now God has transformed her life and given her new joy and peace.


Amala is a real motivation for us and many other girls who think they cannot restart in life again. Amala was physically abused by her own father for years, which she could not tell anyone; instead she decided to take her own life. We had the opportunity to bring her into our family. This same girl who wanted to give up her life has now found new hope to live a better life. Moreover, after a three year gap she has decided to go back to school (July 2016). It is not as easy it sounds to continue studies after a long gap and after going through so many circumstances, but we are glad she taken this step – with prayer, she will be firm, stable, and working hard in this new mission. This week we went to collect her results for the first term exam in her school. What a blessing to see that Amala scored fifth position in her class. We need to pray more for her to be a living example to many through her life and study. We are blessed.

Amala is a blessing for this house – she is actually blessing many sisters in the house. Amala has changed upside down. We are blessed to see her changed behavior. She has enthusiasm to teach, so we want to give her the opportunity in this house to help the other girls. This will be more effective as the girls at Safe see her life rising.

Once again God has spoken to us in His miraculous way. We were praying for a new beauty parlor teacher to train the sisters at the safe house, but His plans are not our plans. He raised Amala from the safe house, who has already finished her advance parlor course and now she is giving training to the other sisters in the house (May 2015). She teaches really well. Now we do not need any outsiders to give parlor training; we are happy to see God raising our girls from this house to help the other girls. Amala has now become the reason of inspiration to other sisters out there. She has proved that those who work hard and learn from their heart can do impossible things. God has raised her for His glory. Because of the earthquake, her school is closed for two months and she is making the best use of her free time. We are very happy about her progress. Let’s continue to pray for her more. 



AMALA: My name is Amala, and I am 20 years old now, and I come from a place called __.

INTERVIEWER: How did you hear about the safe house, and how did you decide to come?

AMALA: When I was home, more than my studies I was concerned about finding a job. I was looking here with my dad and mom, but I was living with the brother of my mom and I was living there … and I came to Safe Family. I wanted to get a job, but I was … I had no skills. My uncle said there was Safe Nepal …

​Because of my past life and my family life, I had no concern from my family. I was never been loved by my own dad and mom. I was abused by my own dad. Every time my dad would try to find an opportunity to lie with me sexually, I was trying to find a way to get from that house. When my dad was doing such things with me, I would go to my mom and ask help from her and tell her my dad was doing these things and was trying to do that to me. But my mother supported my dad and she thought that I was lying. Because of this reason, my dad was behaving like that to me and my mom was not supporting, not listening to me, I had to get out of my house.

At the age of 18, I have never ever found love with my parents – I didn’t know what was love. There was no one to encourage me, and I would always try to seek somebody’s help. I would always see myself lonely and isolated. Because of this reason, I was forced to leave from my house. When I came to my uncle’s house and shared all this story, they helped me to find Safe Nepal and they encouraged me to go there and learn some skills to start my life new.

Now it has been three years I have been at Safe Nepal and now I am learning [beauty parlor skills].



March 2017 Prayer Request: Amala is now getting better and she has sent a big thanks to everyone who prayed for her ear surgery.

February 2017 Prayer Request: Pray for the soon recovery of Amala and for her dad, who is in the hospital.

Pray for her parents to understand her and support her in giving her citizenship card.

January 2017 Prayer Request: Please be in prayer for Amala's family and her future.

July 2016 Prayer Request: Amala has requested to pray for her family.

October 2015 Prayer Request: We need to pray for Amala, who is serving people through the parlor. Let God guide her and give her wisdom.

July 2015 Prayer Request: Amala will be going back to school to continue her studies. As she now has only three more months to complete her studies, we request all of you to continue to pray for her. Amala has been giving parlor training at the safe house, but as she has to go back to her school, we need to hire a new teacher. Let us pray for the right person to come to teach our sisters.

May 2015 Prayer Request: Amala needs more prayer as she is giving training to the parlor trainees. Let’s ask God to help her serve with humility and love.

Names have been changed to protect identities